Udu Drum Commission

My latest commission was to make a set of three hand built ceramic Udu drums.

When I started to research online I got so excited. I couldn't believe that I'd never heard of these before as they are west African drums traditionally used in women's ceremonies and I have visited Nigeria and never came across these beautiful soulful ceramic drums.

I started by making a former to support the rounded base.


I make the sure the coils are well joined to avoid the pot cracking when drying out. I was also aware that to make a sound the drum would need to be hit! I was a little nervous at this point as I had never made a musical instrument before.


Udu drum glowing in the Raku kiln getting ready to place in sawdust.


Udu drum in sawdust...almost finished now!


Packing the completed Udu drums ready to go to their new home.

Catherine Lucktaylor