Advanced Raku Ceramics - 27th Oct & 3rd & 10th Nov

Advanced Raku Ceramics - 27th Oct & 3rd & 10th Nov


This 3 Day Advanced Raku Course is a perfect follow on to the Introductory & Beginners courses.
The course runs over 3 Sundays which gives you more time to expand and explore the possibilities of Raku. We cover more types of Raku techniques and low fired ceramics than the Beginners Course and you will have the chance to take your creations to the next level!

You will learn specialist Raku techniques such as:

  • The best way to glaze for Raku ceramics

  • Resist techniques - tape/wax and latex resist

  • Naked Raku using a resist slip and sacrificial glaze

  • Horsehair & Feather Raku

  • How to burnish for the best results

  • Successful Smoke Firing

Day 1: Sunday 27th October 10am-3pm

We will spend the day making 8-12 pieces using hand building techniques such as pinching and coiling ready to be burnished on day 2 and Raku fired on day 3.

Day 2: Sunday 3rd November 10am -3pm

Today is all about getting a good burnish on some of your pots ready for the advanced Raku techniques such as Naked Raku and Horsehair Raku. You will also glaze and Raku fire your smaller test pieces.

BONUS: Successful Smoke Firing; There is also the opportunity to add some pieces to a Smoke Firing, which we will set alight today and will be ready for you to discover the exciting transformation of your smoke fired ceramics on the final day of the course. (Although this is not strictly a Raku process, it is an exciting low firing technique which is very easy for you to do at home with your burnished and bisque fired ceramics!)

Day 3: Sunday 10th November 10am-3pm

The main Raku firing day. We will do several Raku firings and you will have plenty of time to get involved with loading the kiln and removing your own pieces from the Raku kiln. A great chance to practice your skills and give you the confidence to Raku fire on your own at home!!

You will leave with a collection of beautiful Raku Ceramics which you can use to kickstart further exploration of this exciting and magical technique.

There is plenty of time for questions and you will receive an Advanced Raku Ceramics booklet which I have created especially for you to take away and refer to as needed.

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The Advanced Raku Ceramics Course

You will learn a variety of Raku techniques during this course and you will leave with more confidence to try Raku yourself at home.

We will get through a lot in the 3 days and you will learn advanced Raku methods, so it helps if you have some experience of ceramics, but you don’t need to have done Raku before to be able to get a lot out of the course.


Do I need to have experience with Raku firing?

No you don’t need to have done any Raku before, but it helps if you have some experience of ceramics…even if it was many years ago! We cover a lot of advanced techniques in a short space of time and I want to be sure you get the most out of the course.

Can I bring my own pieces to Raku?

Unfortunately you will not be able to bring your own pieces to Raku fire for this course. Watch out for my Special Raku Days coming soon….

Do I need any safety equipment?

No you don’t need your own safety equipment but please bring your own apron! I will provide everything else you need. Just make sure you wear shoes or boots (no open toed sandals) with trousers and long sleeves and make sure long hair is tied back.

I’ve never done ceramics or pottery before, could I still attend the course?

Sorry but this course is not suitable for anyone new to ceramics or pottery. You will get a lot more out of the Beginners Raku Course or why not try some Pottery classes at your local Adult Education facility first?….Then come back to me when you have bit more experience. We’d love to have you!