Sea & Cliffs Collection

Hand built Raku Fired Ceramics by

Catherine Lucktaylor

Fluted Landscape Pot H:37cm; W:18cm

Fluted Landscape Pot H:37cm; W:18cm

Lidded Wave Pot

Spiral Bowl

Sea & Cliffs Pinch Pot 10cm x 10cm

Fluted pots with shell picture.jpg
I have always been drawn to the sea and it is a continuous source of inspiration for my work. I noticed a profound shift in my ceramics when I moved to Cornwall in 2009. I developed my signature turquoise glaze as a direct response to the astonishing vibrant blues of the sea at Porthcurno. The almost tropical hues continue to take my breath away and I can hardly believe that such colours appear around the Cornish coast.

Wandering along my local beach, I love to feel the majestic beauty of the sea and let my mind wander as my eyes gaze to the horizon. Images flash into my mind and new ideas for ceramics are born. This was how my Sea & Cliffs collection came into being as I explored the formation of the cliffs as they are shaped by the ocean whilst the movement and shape of the waves inspired my Fluted Landscape vessels.
— Catherine Lucktaylor