Micro Landscape Pot

Micro Landscape Pot


This unique Cornish treasure makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves the ocean. A unique reflection of the rock formations in the cliffs around far West Cornwall, UK.

Hand made and Raku fired Landscape Pot, with a rich turquoise crackle glaze. Also available in a beautiful Cornish Daffodil Yellow and intriguing Celestial Blue.

In stock and ready to ship.

Width: 2 inches (5cm)

Height: 2.5 inches (6cm)

The piece is glazed on the inside with a turquoise crackle raku glaze, whilst the outside is burnished to a smooth sheen and glazed using the Naked Raku technique.

Once it is fired in my outdoor raku kiln the piece is removed whilst red hot and placed in sawdust. This gives a beautiful crackle effect. Once the pot is plunged into water the outer glaze is peeled away to reveal a lovely crackle surface as smooth to the touch as a sea washed pebble.

Please note: Raku fired ware is not suitable for food and remains porous. It is lovingly created to hold your special treasures and as a beautiful object to enhance your home.

The Landscape Pot comes wrapped in bubble wrap and securely packaged in a gift box and tied with ribbon. All packaging is recycled with new or upcycled ribbon.

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