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Lucktaylor Ceramics

Wild Cornwall Pots photograph by Anya Rice

Wild Cornwall Pots photograph by Anya Rice

Hand crafted Raku fired ceramics evoking the magic of the Cornish landscape

In her large studio at Bejowans Farm near St Buryan, west Cornwall, Catherine Lucktaylor uses ancient hand building techniques such as pinching and coiling, with many surfaces burnished to a smooth sheen using her favourite beach pebble, to create stunning contemporary ceramics. Exquisitely crafted one of a kind pinched and coiled bowls and vessels embody the wild beauty of the Cornish landscape.

Making & Raku Firing a Wild Cornwall Coil Pot with Catherine Lucktaylor.

Take an exclusive look behind the scenes as I make a Wild Cornwall Pot. See all stages of my process from making the vessel using the coiling method, watch as I glaze the pot and then fire in my Raku kiln.

Filmed by Purple Knif Video productions


Wild Cornwall Collection

The best-selling vibrant Wild Cornwall Collection: Pinched & coiled vessels inspired by the wild Cornish hedgerows as featured on the BBC’s The Great Pottery Throwdown as a ‘perfect example of Raku’.

Wild Cornwall Pots

Wild Cornwall Pots


Sea & Cliffs Collection

A series of pinched and coiled bowls and vessels evoking the striking beauty of the Cornish landscape.
All vessels are coil built with a vibrant turquoise glaze on the inside.

Sea & Cliffs Collection. Photo: Anya Rice

Sea & Cliffs Collection. Photo: Anya Rice



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Recent Collections

Lucktaylor Ceramics' recent collections are all Raku fired; an ancient Japanese technique which basically means 'Enjoyment' and was originally used as part of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Raku has evolved in the West to become a vibrant and exciting technique to glaze studio ceramics with stunning and unpredictable results.
Glazed pieces are fired to around 950 degrees centigrade and carefully removed from the kiln whilst red hot. The cool air causes the glaze to crackle and the pots are plunged into sawdust and smoked for about 20 minutes. Once removed from the sawdust, cooled in water and carefully cleaned the pieces reveal their vibrant glazes and gorgeous smoked areas.
A piece from Catherine’s Wild Cornwall Collection was recently featured on the BBC’s The Great Pottery Throwdown as a ‘perfect example of Raku’. 


I have recently been very fortunate to receive one of your beautiful Wild Cornwall pots as a birthday present. I just wanted to say thank you for producing such a wonderful item. There is so much to look at and it changes during the different light of the day. I will never tire of looking at it.
Thank goodness for talented people like you in this world.
— Wendy

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Hello & welcome


I’m Catherine Lucktaylor and I am passionate about creating beautiful objects out of clay!

My first experience of clay was making figurative sculptures at Heckmondwike Grammar School in West Yorkshire. This led to me doing a 2 year foundation in General Art & Design at Huddersfield Polytechnic.

I found that coiling and making pots came naturally to me and my love of hand building continues to this day. It was here that I first came across the Raku process as we were lucky enough to have David Roberts, a well known and respected authority on Raku, as a visiting lecturer.

I went on to do a BA Hons  in Ceramics at Wolverhampton Polytechnic. I continued to improve my skills with coiling and explored a range of low fired ceramics techniques and once again one of my lecturers, David Jones, was an authority on the Raku process.

After college I moved to Cardiff and had a studio in the pottery at Cardiff City Farm for a few years, before relocating to the Phoenix Gallery in Brighton. I also became a member of Earth Kilns and continued to explore kiln building and Raku, sawdust and pit firings

In 1999 I received a travelling Fellowship from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. I travelled to West Africa and Brazil and created mixed media sculptural installations as I explored my mixed British-Ghanaian heritage.

The birth of my son, Leon in 2007 and another move in 2009, this time to west Cornwall, led me back to my first love of ceramics.
I now specialise in hand built Raku fired ceramics inspired by the wild Cornish landscape, which I sell through galleries in Cornwall and London. I also run Raku courses and masterclasses from my large studio near Penzance.